1815 Menu

Please do not hesitate to seek advice about any food allergies or intolerances, we are happy to help.

As our food is freshly prepared, at busy times a food waiting time is inevitable although we endeavor to prepare and serve your food as quickly as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


1815 Breakfast

Served daily between 09:30am- 11:30am
 Saturdays 09:00am – 11:30am

Full Breakfast 2 bacon, 2 sausages, free range fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms, beef tomato and hash brown. Served with either harvester or white rustic toast 8 

Vegetarian Breakfast 2 vegetarian sausage, free range fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms, beef tomato and hash brown. Served on either harvester or white rustic toast. V 6.5

Scrambled Egg & Bacon free range egg bound in cream, served with buttered mushroom, grilled beef tomato and cured back bacon bottomed with breakfast muffin. 6.5

Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon free range egg bound in cream, served with buttered mushroom, grilled beef tomato and smoked salmon bottomed with breakfast muffin. 7.5

Poached Egg & Bacon cured back bacon, free range poached eggs finished with honey & mustard dressing bottomed with a breakfast muffin. 6.5

Bacon Bap cured back bacon served in either white/brown bap or breakfast muffin. 3.5

Sausage Bap locally sourced sausage served in with either white/brown bap or breakfast muffin. 4

Breakfast Bap cured back bacon, local sausage and fried free range egg. 5

Breakfast Waffle Traditional Belgium waffle with a crisp outside and fluffy centre. Topped with maple syrup, blueberry compote. V 5 Add crisp streaky bacon 1.5

1815 Granola served with natural Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit topped with drizzles of acacia honey, v 5

Toasted Teacake classic currant tea cake  with butter 2.25

Toast rustic harvester or white, served with    butter. V 1.25



1815 Sandwiches

Sandwiches served on either white, harvester or gluten free loaf with side garnish.

Prawns freshwater prawn bound with an 1815 marie-rose sauce. 7.25 Tuna fresh tuna fish bound with mayonnaise. 7.25

Cheese & Chutney mature Cheddar cheese with a caramelised onion chutney, v 7.25 Ham & Tomato baked ham with fresh beef tomato. 7.25

BLT classic BLT cured back bacon, crisp romaine lettuce and fresh beef tomato. 7.25

Caesar tender chicken breast with parmesan shavings bound in caesar dressing finished with crisp smoked streaky bacon and romaine lettuce. 7.25

Add chips 3 Add cup of soup 3

Children at 1815

Children at 1815 children up to 12 years can order off the children’s menu.

Sandwiches choose between ham, cheese or tuna sandwich served on white or harvester bread with small salad. V 4

Beef Burger small burger patty served in muffin with chips and beans. 7

Sausage, chips & beans children’s favourite 2 sausages, chips and beans. 5

1815 Salads

Caesar crisp romame lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bruschetta and Parmesan shavings Full Caesar as above with chicken and streaky bacon 8 Add anchovies 1.5

Goats Cheese crisp romame, peppery rocket, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes finished with warmed goats cheese bruschetta. caramelized onion chutney and balsamic glaze, v 8

Greek crisp romame, peppery rocket, mixed salad finished with feta, mixed olives and balsamic dressing. GF 8

Waldorf crisp romame, sliced apple & grape, with crumbled blue cheese, walnut chunks finished with a honey and mustard dressing. V GF 8


1815 Sides

Olives mixed olives cured in brine, v GF 3.5

Borlotti Beans soy and Anglesey sea salt, v 3.5

Red Cabbage Slaw purple cabbage coleslaw. 2.5

Rocket & Parmesan Salad fresh peppery rocket and parmesan shavings. V GF 4

Ciabatta baked ciabatta with dipping oils. V 2.5 (Gluten free option available)

Chips classic cut, salted chips. GF 3

1815 Cakes & Pudding

Chocolate Cake quadruple layered cake with maltesters with ice cream 4.5 

Chocolate Brownie with white chocolate chunks with ice cream 4.5

Scones home-made currant scones 3.5 

Flapjack please see our specials board 3

Cheesecake made in-house vanilla pod cheesecake (please see our specials board) 4.5 

Carrot Cake home-made carrot cake, topped with cream cheese and walnuts. 4 

Coffee & Walnut espresso sponge & frosting topped with walnuts. 4 

Gluten Free Cake please see our specials board. GF 4

1815 Soft Drinks


Diet Coke 1.6 

7 UP 1.6

San Pellegrino Limonata or Aranciata Rossa 2

Appetiser 2.5 

Raspberry Lemonade 2.5 

Elderflower Presse 2.5 

Fentimans Ginger Beer 2.5

Frobishers Orange, Apple, Pineapple or Bumble-berry 2.6

Decantae Mineral Water Still or Sparkling 1.5 

Squash Blackcurrant or Orange squash 0.75 

Milkshakes Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry 2.5

Milk 1.5


1815 Afternoon Tea

Served with breakfast tea or filter coffee.

Scones 2 scones served warm with either butter or clotted cream alongside strawberry conserve. 4.5

*50p supplement for any of our speciality teas or other coffees.

1815 Ciabattas

Ciabattas freshly baked ciabatta served with either chips or house salad. (Gluten free option available).

BBC cured back bacon, soft brie and sweet cranberry sauce. 10

Goats Cheese baked goats cheese with caramelised onion chutney, v 10

HCP baked ham, mature Cheddar and pineapple. 10

Club classic club built up with chicken, crisp streaky bacon, romaine lettuce and beef tomato with mayonnaise. 10

MBT mozzarella, pine-nut basil pesto and fresh beef tomato.  10

Steak 28 day-aged rump steak served on a bed of rocket, with mustard mayonnaise finished with Stilton. 13


1815 Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potatoes all jacket potatoes are served with a house salad.

Beans baked jacket potato with beans. 7

Humous baked jacket potato with humous, v 7

Chicken baked jacket potato with chicken. 9

Ham baked jacket potato with ham. 9

Cheese baked jacket potato with mature cheddar 9

Prawns baked jacket potato with freshwater prawns. 9

Tuna baked jacket potato with tuna fish bound with mayonnaise. 9


1815 Main Plates

Welsh Rarebit
an 1815 original recipe of grilled mature Cheddar, mustard and egg rarebit on white or harvester toast with side salad. V 7 Add cured back bacon 1.5 

Lasagne classic lasagne made in house served with classic cut chips and garnish. 11

Ploughman’s typical ploughman’s lunch with baked ham, boiled egg, smoked Cheddar, manchego & Stilton cheese, pickles, chutney and stuffed peppers with side salad and baked ciabatta. 11

Quiche a slice of our popular home-made quiche of the day (please see our specials board). Served with side garnish.


Add house salad 3      Add Chips 3


1815 Light Bites

home-made soup of the day served with either white, harvester or gluten free loaf. GF 4.75

Bruschetta grilled goats cheese and caramelised onion chutney. V 6 (Gluten free option available)

Humous classic humous served with warm chapatti flat bread. V 5 (Gluten free option available)

Humous classic humous served with carrot, cucumber and celery sticks. Vg GF 5

Meatballs tender Spanish style pork meatballs served with baked ciabatta. 6

Pate our pate of the day served with chutney on either white, harvester or gluten free toast. 5 GF

1815 Tapas


Tapas served on a platter with a fresh hearty salad and succulent fruit, accompanied with baked ciabatta.

Patatas Bravas diced &roasted potato with Spanish style sauce. Bean Stew GF V

Albondigas tender Spanish style pork meatballs.

Anchovies small salt water fish with depth of flavour GF

Mushroom buttered mushroom finished with garlic and parsley. GF v

Prawns freshwater prawns in 1815 marie-rose sauce.

Chorizo authentic Spanish sliced chorizo.

Tuna fresh tuna fish bound in mayonnaise

Stuffed Peppers miniature red peppers stuffed full with cream cheese. GF

Calamari deep fried squid with dashes of lemon juice.

Pate pate of the day (please see our specials board) GF

Brie soft French cheese compliments cold meats and fruit perfectly. GF V

Humous blend of olive oil, lemon and ground chickpea. GF V

Feta Greek cheese often paired with olives. GF V

Olives mixed Kalamata & Sevillano olives cured in brine. GF

Goats Cheese soft baked goats cheese GF V

1815 Coffee

Filter Coffee

Americano 2.5

Flat White 2.25

Cappuccino 2.5

Latte 2.5

Mocha 2.75

Espresso single or double 1.5 / 2

Macchiato single or double 1.5 / 2

Hot Chocolate 2.5

Hot Chocolate with cream 2.75

Hot Chocolate Loaded; as above with marshmallows & maltesers 3.5

Extra Shot 0.5

Flavoring Syrups Hazelnut, Vanilla & Caramel 0.5 Tea

Breakfast Tea 1.75

Green Tea 2

Earl Grey 2

Other Specialty Teas please ask to see our famous tea chest 2

•Skimmed and soya milk are available with our teas and coffee as well as decaffeinated options.


1815 Drinks

White Wine 187ml – 5 Bottle -15

Pinot Grigio crisp wine with notes of pear and apple. 

Sauvignon Blanc dry with notes of lime and passion fruit. Chardonnay fruit flavours with oak notes.

Rose Zinfandel refreshing with strawberry & raspberry notes.

Red Wine 187ml – 5 Bottle -15

Merlot smooth with notes of plum.

Shiraz flavours of blackcurrants with a hint of black pepper.

Rioja very ripe red, perfect with meats.


Peroni Nastro Azzurro Italian premium lager with a 5.1% ABV. 3.5